It’s tempting to think that any improvement or modifications you make to your home will automatically make it more valuable. But unfortunately, that isn't always the case. There are quite a few renovations that just won’t net you a good return on your investment when it’s time to sell!


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Improving the Landscaping

Landscaping is a bit of a double-edged sword. Curb appeal is important and your yard should be well-kept. But some homeowners can go a little overboard and spend too much transforming their outdoor spaces. The next buyer who’s simply looking for space for the kids and dog to play may not appreciate any truly unique or extravagant upgrades like a putting green or tennis court. If you are updating your landscaping before putting your home on the market, make sure you don’t overspend and go with a less-is-more approach!

Upgrading Utilities

You may think that installing new plumbing or a new water heater will increase the resale value of your home, but unfortunately this often isn’t true. Sure, these items can be listed as a selling point on your home’s features sheet, but they are unlikely to seriously move the needle on the offers you receive. Most buyers are looking for a home that is in good shape and will expect that these fundamental parts of the home be in working condition.

Adding Built-in Electronics

As with any major customizations, be aware that not everyone will love what you do. A large built-in entertainment center could be seen as a useless to a family who doesn’t watch TV. Also, because technology is constantly changing, your big purchase may be outdated when it comes time to sell.

Removing Closets

Most people include storage as one of the top items on their home wish list. So make sure you don’t remove closets to make room for a larger bathroom or master bedroom without adding the storage space back in elsewhere. Cutting down on your home’s available storage will only hurt you when it comes time to sell.

Combining Rooms

Speaking of removing space… It might be tempting to make two smaller rooms into a single larger space, but the fact is that the more bedrooms a home has, the more it will usually sell for. In fact, experts say that each additional room adds about 15% in value to the home. Keep in mind that just because you don’t need two separate bedrooms for your family currently, doesn’t mean future buyers won’t appreciate it.

Converting the Garage

Most buyers are looking for garage space. Even though we have great weather in Southern California, many people just don’t want to keep their car outside, especially if they have luxury vehicles. And garages offer great storage opportunities. Again, even though you might prefer to convert the garage into an additional living space or bedroom, resist the temptation to do so. This is especially true if most homes in your neighborhood have unconverted garages.


Thinking of making additional updates or upgrades to your home? Before you get started, give us a call at (760) 458-2575 – we’ll be happy to give you some advice on whether the project you’re thinking of starting will actually add ROI at resale.

Of course, not every update you make needs to be about the bottom-line. If it makes your life easier or allows your family to get more enjoyment out of your home, then it could be a good change to make – just make sure you’re realistic about your expectations of ROI.

And finally, if you need a referral for a contractor to make the updates for you, give us a call. We can refer you to someone in your area.

Buying a new home is exciting, but building one from the ground up can be an adventure in the best way! While opportunities to buy land in San Diego County are comparatively scarce, if you’re willing to look in the more rural areas or buy near Temecula or Murrieta, you can often find available land at a good price.

But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you thoroughly consider the pros and cons of building your own home. To help you, we’ve put together the list to help you properly evaluate whether building a home is the right decision for you and your family.

And regardless of whether you choose to build or buy, The Silva Group is here to support you every step of the way! We’ve helped hundreds of people buy across Southern California, including some who made the very same decision you’re pondering – to build rather than buy!


buying vs building an existing home

Building a Home



Ability to Create Your Dream Home

Undeniably, the biggest draw to building your own home is the ability to craft the home of your dreams. You have control over every detail from roof to ceiling and with sites like Houzz providing endless inspiration, you’ll be able to design and build a truly beautiful home that meets all of your family’s needs. And when you build, you get to let your imagination run wild! Always dreamed of having a temperature-controlled wine room in your home? Build it! Want a theatre room to enjoy movies with the family? Build it! Fantasized about a two-story closet off the master suite? Build it!    

Less Competition to Buy

Competition to buy an existing home is tough! Though inventory is increasing and homes are starting to stay on the market longer, there are still more buyers looking than homes for sale. When you decide to build rather than buy, your competition sharply decreases. There are less people who are willing to take on the challenge of building a home from scratch and most developers are looking for large chunks of land to build on, not a single plot.

Design for Energy Efficiency

Since you’ll be building a brand-new home, you can choose to use features and materials that are energy-efficient, which will likely save you money in the long run! And if you ever do go to sell your home, many buyers are on the lookout for these types of features, as it can be expensive to make an existing home more energy efficient.


Your Time is Valuable

Time is one of our most valuable resources. And building a home is nothing if not time-consuming, especially if you’re doing a lot of the work yourself. Apart from finding a lot, you must also have building plans drawn up, get them approved, and pull permits – all before construction even starts! The actual construction itself can take upwards of 7 months to complete, if not longer. So if you don’t have a lot of extra time to devote to this project, building a home is probably not the best option for you.

Stress & Frustration

Building a home can be very stressful. Aside from bearing the full weight of having to decide what exactly you want in your dream home, you’ll also have to contend with a number of different organizations on order to get your plans approved and permits drawn. If you get rejected at any step along the way, it can set you back and create a ton of frustration. Depending on where you purchase land, you may have to contend with objections from the HOA, city, and county! Plus, once you get the home framed and standing, you’re in charge of making decisions about every little thing inside the house from the width of the baseboards to what color the tile should be in the powder bath.

Temporary Housing

Before you build, you should also consider where you would be living during the duration of construction. You may have to rent an apartment, extend your current lease, or move in with friends or family while you wait for your home to be built. Be sure to factor in this expense when budgeting to build your home.


Buying an Existing Home


Less Stress

Although buying a home is far from stress-free, building a home is much more intense. When you buy an existing home, there are comparatively less surprises. Plus, you’ll have your Realtor to help you through the buying process. While your Realtor can help you purchase land and recommend contractors to you, you likely will be on your own as far as getting your plans approved and dealing with any issues that come up.

Move-In Right Away

Most escrows are about thirty days and when escrow closes, you usually get the keys right away to start moving in! This means you likely won’t have to find temporary housing and you won’t have to move twice.

Better Amenities

If you’d like to live in a community with great amenities, it’s usually better to buy in an established neighborhood. You may be fortunate enough to purchase in a new home community with plans to offer certain amenities to residents, but you also may end up falling in love with a piece of land in a location that offers no amenities.


Possible Maintenance Issues

When you buy a home that is not brand new, you do risk possible maintenance issues. Be sure to attend the home inspection before you sign any final paperwork and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Still, you should know that issues can and do pop up after closing. Be sure to have some cash set aside for additional repairs after move-in.

Remodeling Costs

If you don’t love everything about the home you purchase, you’ll likely want to make changes. Depending on what you want to do, remodeling can be a big project in itself. It can also be expensive and time-intensive. And you may have to temporarily move out while the work is done. Be sure to consider these things up front when weighing your options!

Buyer’s Remorse

If you choose to buy an existing home, you may end up with buyer’s remorse. While this can certainly happen if you go down the path of building your home, too, because you’re selecting from homes that were available when you wanted to buy, you may end up buying the wrong home. It’s easy to get frustrated with the home-search process, especially if you’re having trouble getting your offer accepted. Just don’t let frustration tempt you into buying a home that isn’t the right fit because you’re ready to be done with the process.


Need more help making the decision to build or buy? Call The Silva Group at (760) 458-2575! We’ll be able to answer any questions you may have to help guide you in making the right decision. And if you do decide to build, we can refer you to a local build and design company to help make the process easier.

Are you getting ready to sell your home this year? There’s a lot that goes into getting ready to put your home on the market. But before you start to pack your bags, there are a few things you should do to help your home sell faster and for the best possible price!

Want a personalized consultation? Call The Silva Group at (760) 458-2575!

what to do before listing your home

Mind the Details

It may not seem like a big deal, but something as small as a squeaky door can turn potential buyers off. Make sure your doors open and shut smoothly, windows don’t creek, and your faucets don’t drip! Most buyers are looking for a home that is move-in ready and they may be turned off my having to do any maintenance tasks at all, no matter how small. And homes that are in move-in ready condition give the impression that the house has been well cared-for and there aren’t likely to be any big surprises on the inspection report.

Not sure what repairs you should be doing? Click here to grab our free download will all the home maintenance tasks you should do before listing your home!

Clear the Clutter

Clearing the clutter from your home will instantly make the space look and feel larger. Take appliances off your kitchen countertops and put them away in a cupboard. Take down knick-knacks and trinkets that don’t add anything to your home’s décor. Pack half of each closet away in a storage unit. While this may be an inconvenience if you’re still living in the home, it should only be temporary. The less clutter there is in your home, the less chance buyers have to get distracted from seeing your home’s true potential.

Tone Down Your Personal Style

If you want an idea of what kind of home décor is selling homes these days, just visit a model home in a new construction community. Builders invest thousands to stage their models with the latest décor trends to entice buyers to purchase one of their properties sight unseen instead of buying an existing home. During your research, you may find that your specific style is vastly different from what builders are using to sell homes these days. If so, you have your work cut out for you. Consider hiring a professional stager to help or at the very least, making some changes to your décor to tone down your personal style. Provocative artwork, eclectic trinkets, and bright colors aren’t for everyone. And while you may feel strongly that buyers should just ignore it, the truth is that most won’t. So give your home the best chance of appealing to the broadest possible group of buyers by making some changes.


But Have Some Balance

While clearing clutter and toning down your personal style is good, keep in mind that you don’t want your home to feel sterile and cold. That’s why staged homes tend to sell faster than empty ones – it isn’t always about having the least amount of things in your home. When buyers walk in, you want to spark a feeling in them that says, “This is the one! I can imagine my family living here.” So don’t forget to make your home feel inviting by putting out a new welcome mat, leaving a soft throw blanket on the end of the couch and placing some pretty candles on the kitchen island.

Do a Deep Clean

We can’t empathize how important it is to make sure your home is sparkling clean, especially if you have pets. If you have a busy schedule or just hate to clean, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and do the work for you. You’ll also want to get your windows wash and if you’ve been handling your pool maintenance yourself, hire a professional to ensure your pool is at its best when it’s time to list.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

So far we’ve talked about things you can do to improve the inside of your home. But first impressions matter! Boost your curb appeal to get buyers interested and in the door! Start by changing your address numbers to new, more modern-looking ones. You can also power wash the front of your home and driveway to clear away any accumulated dirt or stains. And of course, if your yard needs some work, this is an obvious way to step up the curb appeal. Having a neatly trimmed lawn and flowerpots full of bright flowers are a great way to help your home make a good impression from the moment buyers pull up.

Invest in Home Improvements

This can be a tough pill for some homeowners to swallow. But sometimes preparing your home to sell quickly and for the best price means making a significant financial investment in your existing property. If your home is outdated compared to other similar properties in your area, you may want to make some changes. While a full kitchen or bathroom remodel can be a big expense, even smaller projects like replacing your carpets or flooring with something more modern or painting the kitchen cabinets can make a big difference.


We understand that selling your home can be stressful. But with the right team on your side, it doesn’t have to be! Call The Silva Group today at (760) 458-2575 to learn more about how we can make your home selling experience as smooth and as effortless as possible! And don’t forget to grab our free download with all the maintenance tasks you should take care of before listing your home.

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Is your New Year’s resolution to make 2019 the year you buy a home? While there are certainly many wonderful existing homes on the market in San Diego, Temecula, and Murrieta, perhaps you’re looking to make a fresh start in a brand new home. After all, there’s something undeniably special about getting to pick out all the features and fixtures yourself rather than having to live with someone else’s decisions!

To help you in your search, we’ve put together a guide of all the new home communities in North County San Diego, Temecula, and Murrieta. No matter your price point, there’s sure to be a home and community for you!

If you are interested in touring any of these communities, just reach out – The Silva Group can represent you in the purchase of your brand new home! While many people go direct to the builder, working with an agent is actually in your best interest. The sales rep at the new home community is representing the builder - not you. So for peace of mind, call The Silva Group first!

(Details and Prices Are Current as 1/6/19, Call for Current Pricing and Availability)


02 terraces rr sanabria pool twilight 1920

(Pictured: An Outdoor Space at the New Toll Brothers Community in Carlsbad, Robertson Ranch)


The Preserve by Cornerstone Communities

A new home community in Carlsbad located adjacent to the Buena Vista Creek Ecological Reserve.

Developments: Acacia, Cypress, Blue Sage, Agave

Types: Single Family Homes, Paired Homes, Townhomes

Starting From: $543,990


Afton Way by Pebble Creek Companies

A small community of eight luxury homes in Carlsbad.

Developments: Afton Way

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $1,500,000


Seascape Homes by Seascape Development

Luxury home community just 2.5 miles from the beach!

Developments: Seascape

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Low $1,000,000’s


Lanai II by Shea Homes

A small community of ten beautifully designed homes in Carlsbad.

Developments: Lanai II

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $1,285,000


Kensington at The Square by Shea Homes

A new collection of townhomes and flats in Bressi Ranch / Carlsbad!

Developments: Kensington at The Square

Types: Townhomes, Flats

Starting From: $465,000



Robertson Ranch by Toll Brothers

Extraordinary master-planned, community just three miles from the beach in Carlsbad.

Developments: The Bluffs, The Ridge, The Terraces, The Vistas

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $1,237,120



Pacific Ridge by Cornerstone Communities

A gated community located in coveted Rancho Del Oro!

Developments: Altura, Brisas, Lucero

Types: Single Family Homes, Townhomes

Starting From: $490,990


Vista Del Mar by Van Daele Homes

Live in the heart of fabulous coastal Oceanside!

Developments: Vista Del Mar

Types: Townhomes

Starting From: Call for Pricing


Mission Lane by Beazer Homes

Live the beach lifestyle in Oceanside – only five miles to the pier!

Developments: Mission Lane

Types: Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Villas

Starting From: $447,900


Hideaway at St. Cloud by William Lyons Homes

New Oceanside community close to everywhere you want to be!

Developments: Hideaway at St. Cloud

Types: Townhomes

Starting From: $495,990



Vale View Estates by Galey Homes Inc

Single story luxury estate homes.

Developments: Vale View Estates

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Call for Pricing


Skyline by D.R. Horton

New townhome residences in Vista.

Developments: Solara, Verano

Types: Townhomes

Starting From: $455,990


Avila by Lennar

An upscale townhome community in Vista!

Developments: Avila

Types: Townhomes

Starting From: $536,900


San Marcos

Rancho Tesoro by Brookfield Residential

A 250-acre master-planned community in San Maros!

Developments: Terracina, Candela, Vientos

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Mid $600,000s


Thornbush by HQT Homes

A community of 4-5 bedroom residences in San Marcos.

Developments: Thornbush

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Mid 700,000’s



Estancia Bernardo by Ambient Communities

A great community of stylish single family homes in Escondido.

Developments: Estancia Bernardo

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Mid $730,000’s


Lexington by KB Home

A new home community in Escondido with easy access to local middle and high school and freeways.

Developments: Lexington

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $655,990


Citron by William Lyons Homes

New contemporary modern townhomes in Escondido with great amenities.

Developments: Citron

Types: Townhomes

Starting From: $416,990


Harmony Grove Village by Lennar

A master-planned community near the Elfin Forest with great amenities, parks, and resources for residents.

Developments: Seabreeze, Cavalli, Andalucia, Whittingham, Martingale

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $649,900


Canyon Grove by Shea Homes

A community of 82 luxurious single-family homes. FHA and VA financing available!

Developments: Canyon Grove

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $800,000



S.L. Rey by California West Communities

New single family residences in Bonsall with no mello-roos fees!

Developments: S.L. Rey

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Mid $600,000’s



Horse Creek Ridge by D.R. Horton

Diverse single family homes in beautiful Fallbrook!

Developments: Saratoga Estates, Oakmont, Westbury, Brindle Pointe, Bridlegate, Chaparral Pointe

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $444,000


Aurora Heights by Beazer Homes

Live the resort lifestyle in Fallbrook with easy access to golf courses, shopping, dining, and more!

Developments: Aurora Heights

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $629,990


Promontory at Horse Creek Ridge by Richmond American Homes

A vibrant community in the hills of Fallbrook.

Developments: Promontory at Horse Creek Ridge

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Low $600,000’s



The Promontory by Cornerstone Communities

A great new home community on the border of Temecula and Murrieta.

Developments: Bellevue, Brighton, Calistoga

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $410,99


The Groves by Fleming Communities

Surrounded by rural wine country yet close to the modern conveniences of Temecula, The Groves is a stately new home community.

Developments: The Groves

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Call for Pricing


Las Alturas by Fleming Communities

Located in beautiful De Luz, the community of Las Alturas offer miles of extraordinary views.

Developments: Las Alturas

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Call for Pricing


Marbella at Terracina by Lennar

Gorgeous new homes located in the heart of Temecula wine country!

Developments: Marbella at Terracina

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Low $600,000’s


Indigo Place by D.R. Horton

Located just off the I-15 freeway, this new community brings you the best of luxury and convenience.

Developments: Indigo Place

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $411,990


Nicolas Heights by Lennar

A gated new home community in Temecula.

Developments: Nicolas Heights

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Low $500,000’s



Spencer’s Crossing by Pardee Homes

Located in Murrieta, Spencer’s crossing is a new master-planned community located on 600 acres close to the Temecula Valley wine country.

Developments: Braeburn, Tamarack, Larkspur

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: Mid $400,000’s


Westpark by KB Homes

A new home community in the top-rated Murrieta Valley Unified School District.

Developments: Westpark

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $368,990


Vista Bella by Melia Homes

A stylish community of 80 paired homes located near all the best of Temecula and Murrieta living.

Developments: Vista Bella

Types: Paired Homes

Starting From: Mid $300,000’s


The Preserve by William Lyons Homes

A new home community in Murrieta offering seven distinct floor plans.

Developments: The Preserve

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $407,900


Emerson by D.R. Horton

A new home community with no HOA fees!

Developments: Emerson

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $471,990


Hunters Pointe by D.R. Horton

A collection of one and two-story homes in Murrieta with no HOA fees!

Developments: Hunters Pointe

Types: Single Family Homes

Starting From: $430,990


Santa Rosa Highlands by D.R. Horton

Set against the backdrop of the Cleveland National Forest, this new home community in Murrieta offers something for everyone!

Developments: Savanna Pointe, Camden, Sequoia, The Oaks

Types: Townhomes, Single Family Homes

Starting From: $349,000

In November, the median price for a detached home in San Diego was $645,000 – up 6.6% from November of last year. This was also a 14-year high price for San Diego County! So while it’s been great to be a homeowner or home seller over the past few years, if you’ve been thinking of buying a home in San Diego, you’ve likely been struggling with affordability.

At The Silva Group we’ve helped people buy and sell all over San Diego County and beyond. We’ve had a chance to take a peek inside some of Southern California’s most expensive homes for sale and some of the most affordable. We’ve driven through virtually every neighborhood and watched the landscape change dramatically over the years. And what remains consistent is that there are always pockets of affordability if you know where to look.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of some of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego and even a few alternatives if you’re willing to look outside the county!




It’s no secret that Oceanside has been an up-and-coming neighborhood in San Diego for years. But with a median home price of $569,000, it’s also one of the most affordable coastal cities in the county! From single-family homes to gated estates to condos and even 55+ communities, Oceanside offers a little something for everyone. Its close proximity to Orange County and the downtown Coaster station make Oceanside a great choice for commuters. And with Camp Pendleton nearby, the city is particularly friendly to the armed forces. Many military families make their home inside the city’s four zip codes.

Nearby attractions include Oceanside Pier, The California Surf Museum, and the Oceanside Museum of Art. Recent revitalization of Oceanside’s downtown has lead to an influx of new restaurants, breweries, and businesses. Fairs, festivals, and a weekly Farmer’s Market are held throughout the year. In December, the city celebrated the annual Oceanside Harbor Parade of Lights


To the east of Oceanside lies the quiet community of Vista. While Vista has many suburban areas of homes, condos, and townhomes, a large portion of Vista is more rural, featuring custom homes on larger lots. For those who crave the quiet country life, but are unwilling to leave the convenience of having a grocery store or restaurants minutes away, Vista is the ideal choice. And with a median home price of $560,000, it’s an affordable choice, too!

Like Oceanside, Vista offers locals a downtown area that has been revitalized over the last few years. It’s the perfect place to enjoy dinner out with the family or spend an afternoon catching up with a friend at one of the local craft breweries. And with quick access to the 78 freeway, you can be at the beach in no time!

San Marcos

San Marcos has become a hotspot for new development over the last ten years. Though many communities in and around the San Elijo Hills area are very upscale, San Marcos does have more affordable neighborhoods, especially for those looking to buy their first home or downsize to a 55+ community. North of the 78, the median price for a home in the 92069 zip code is only $606,500!

San Marcos offers residents a ton of amenities from restaurants to shopping, dining, and entertainment. The city is also home to several top-rated public schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Recreational activities include 63 miles of multi-use trails, 36 parks, water activities at Lake San Marcos, and more.


With a variety of housing options available (including new construction!) Escondido is a great place to call home. While certain pockets, particularly near Lake Hodges, are currently pricier than the county’s median home price, many areas of Escondido are still very affordable!

Living in Escondido provides residents with easy access to the 15 and 78 freeways, San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Daly Ranch, Lake Hodges, and the Westfield North County Mall. Escondido also has a thriving and charming downtown area that has many local restaurants and boutiques. On Friday nights in the summer, you’ll even find classic cars lining the main drag during Cruisin’ Grand!


If your idea of the American Dream includes owning a home on a big piece of property, you’ll definitely want to consider buying in Fallbrook! With a median home price of $595,000, Fallbrook is one of the more affordable areas of San Diego County.

Fallbrook embraces its small-town vibe and places an emphasis on community. Most restaurants and businesses are locally owned and operated. The community holds many events throughout the year including an annual Avocado Festival each spring to celebrate the town’s distinction as the “Avocado Capital of the World”!


If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to living in San Diego, Temecula provides easy access to the northern reaches of the county and allows residents to buy more home for their money. The median home price in Temecula is $466,200 - almost $200,000 cheaper than San Diego! There are a wide variety of housing options for purchase in Temecula from condos and townhomes to single family homes and sprawling ranch estates.

A growing community that is home to more than 115,000, Temecula is best known for its wine country and the annual hot air balloon festival. Expansion in recent years has given residents more options for shopping, dining, and entertainment close to home. But the city still retains its small-town heart. The Old Town Temecula area is charming and full of antique stores. And nothing beats a weekend afternoon spent at one of the more than forty local wineries that dot the countryside!    


Just to the North of Temecula, Murrieta is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of California. With a median home price of $429,300, Murrieta is a great option for those searching for a more affordable alternative to San Diego.

Murrieta is a family-friendly community that offers residents a variety of ways to enjoy the great outdoors! There are many parks, golf courses, and outdoor recreation areas throughout the city. And Murrieta is just a few miles from the famous Temecula Wine Country!


Ready to start your home search? Call The Silva Group at (760) 458-2575! We’ll help you find the home of your dreams at a price you can afford!

And make sure you download our free House Hunting Checklist by clicking here!

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